Walls, doors and windows rated from 60-120 minutes w/hose streamPartition

Partition Wall
(w/ mullion or butt joint)

Curtain Wall

Hinge Door

Pivot Door

The Tecfire STB80 system is highly configurable and offers a range of hardware and finish options.

Tecfire is a world leading manufacturer of innovative fire-rated glazing assemblies with over 5,000installations worldwide.

Tecfire is a pioneering and highly specialized company in the design, innovation, manufacturing, testing and certification of fire-rated glass systems.

Founded in 1985 in Europe, Tecfire has today become a leading international company with presence in four continents. We base our strategy on offering the widest and most innovative range of products and with the maximum guarantee of quality and product certification.

Most Innovative Fire-rated
Glass Systems Ever


Steelfire STB80
Glazed Swing Pivot Door

Explore the #1 largest glazed fire-rated door at 12 ft.. Elegant design with hidden hinges. Achieve 60-90 minute fire ratings. Durable and sleek steel profiles.
Perfect for interior and exterior use.

Steelfire STB80
Glazed Hinged Door

Experience sleek steel profiles with Steelfire STB80. Achieve 60-90 minute fire ratings with a thermal break system, suitable for both interior and exterior use. Ensure durability with top-to-end cold rolled steel profiles.

Steelfire STB80
Automatic Sliding Door

Sleek steel profiles with thermal break, and interior/ exterior versatility. Durable with top-to-end cold rolled steel profiles. Customize frames in powder coat or stainless steel.Versatile design complements architectural styles, perfect for main entrances at malls, hotels, and more.

Steelfire STB80
Wall/Fixed Partition

Fire-rated for 60-120 minutes, ideal for interior and exterior use. Great acoustic insulation, durable engineering, and versatile configurations. Elevate your design with sleek finishes.

SSteelfire STB80
Glazed Butt Joint

Fire ratings: 60, 90, & 120 minutes for interiors, tested with hose stream. Create 90-120° glass corner joints. Superior acoustic insulation, edge-to-edge glass connection. Maximize glazing, flexible configurations, and pairs seamlessly with STB80 doors.

Steelfire STB80
Curtain Wall

With 1.97” slim profiles, 60-120 min fire rating, for both interior and exterior use. Choose aluminum, galvanized, or stainless steel caps. Exceptional structural stability. Compatible with STB80 doors/windows and non-fire rated curtain walls. Certified for the largest glass surfaces. Frames in powder coat or stainless steel finishes.


Galvanized steel & stainless-steel doors, walls, openings and more. STB80 architectural series is listed by Intertek.

Fire rated from ​30 to 120 minutes and meets ASTM E119, UL 263, UL 10 (B), UL 10 (C), NFPA ​252, CAN/ULC S104.

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