SCHOTT ROBAX® is a transparent glass-ceramic with a very low thermal expansion, which means it can take the heat. It is particularly well suited for use as a window or door lite in heating devices such as wood stoves, pellet stoves, wood and gas fireplaces, and fireplace inserts, etc. ROBAX® is available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be decorated and fabricated. Unlike tempered glass, ROBAX® can be cut making it easy to replace broken tempered stove glass with glass-ceramic.

Product Detail


Store upright in dry places; protect edges from damage.


Clean with soft cloth and mild detergent; avoid hard cleaners.


Install per standards in rated frames; avoid extreme humidity.


  • Gas and wood fireplaces and inserts
  • Wood, pellet and biofuel stoves
  • Glass fireplace surrounds (also available decorated)
  • Heating radiator panel
  • Cover panels for reflectors and high
    performance floodlights
  • Cover panels in IR drying appliances
  • Cover panels for IR remote controls


Glassopolis specializes in specialty glass for contractors, offering SCHOTT ROBAX® for heating devices, with customization, fast service, and flexible purchasing options.


ROBAX® for fireplace is available in case, sheet or cut-to-size quantities. Larger glass contractors, glass shops and fireplace dealers buy sheets or cases to keep on hand to fill customer requests for fireplace replacement glass. This glass can be easily cut with common glass hand tools. ROBAX® can also be ordered cut-to-size and finished from Glassopolis.

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