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For cutting edge designer glass, look no further than Glassopolis. MIRONA™ is a specialty coated glass product that is appears to be a one-way glass. In normal circumstances it looks like a mirror, but when backlit it becomes transparent. MIRONA™ is a very technical glass that is tailored to perform exceptionally well in certain applications. Fashion retailers have picked up on the wonderful product and use it as walls in their stores, perhaps behind the cash or in high traffic areas, where they can mount large video screens behind the glass. The wall looks great when the screens are on or off. At Glassopolis, the latest products like MIRONA™ help keep us ahead of the curve. Call your Glassopolis rep for information on MIRONA™ today.







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MIRONA™ the silvery, noble-looking metamorphosis glass from SCHOTT, makes the hearts of design enthusiasts beat faster. This glass fulfills two different functions and delivers effects that are unbelievable. In front of a light background, MIRONA™ appears as a transparent pane of glass. In front of a dark surface, it acts as a mirror, providing a silvery, aesthetic brilliance. As a result, MIRONA™ opens up unlimited fantastic design options.


MIRONA™ from SCHOTT is a mineral glass that has been coated on both sides with an optical interference layer to enable a defined reflection and transmission. MIRONA™ is available on float glass, borosilicate glass, as well as gray glass. Upon customer request, MIRONA™ can be delivered with only one side coated, tempered or on white glass (extra clear low iron float glass). It can be cleaned quite easily using a normal glass cleaning agent or a towel that has been moistened with a 1:1 mixture of methylated spirit and water.


MIRONA™ satisfies exclusive design demands in an absolutely ideal way. The transition between a glass and a mirror offers vast potential for creating elegant applications in virtually all concievable areas. Fantasy knows no boundaries when it comes to architecture, interior design, as well as the entertainment and lighting industries, to name only a few.


  • homogenous appearance with regard to reflection and transmission
  • low absorption losses
  • reflects an elegant, silvery color
  • available in various types of base glasses
  • can be thermally tempered
  • can be processed into laminated safety glass
  • easy to clean

  • consumer electronics, cover panels for use in televisions and data display devices, for example
  • architecture, partitions and design elements, for example
  • lighting industry, light covers, for example