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At Glassopolis, our job is to help glass contractors win specialty glass projects. We have been distributing fire-rated glazing products for more than 20 years. We will help you get the right glass for the job.


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Project specifications for clear fire-rated glazing generally identify the performance standard (rating) that is required under the building code for a given application. Any glazing solution that has been tested and certified to meet that specification is considered acceptable. Some specifications for clear fire-rated glazing will call for a particular glass brand name; don’t feel locked into a certain brand as there are equivalent products that meet the same building code requirements. Usually, where a particular brand is named, the specification will also say 'or equivalent'. Most specificiers will add 'or equivalent' to their spec if you point out that there are good options available. No one wants to be locked into a single-source overpriced solution. Most architects, builders and glass contractors appreciate having a choice. Glassopolis works for you to provide you with these options.


Glassopolis carries only fire-rated products that are fully tested, certified and labeled to the appropriate standards. Glassopolis is a UL certified cutting and labeling station for fire-rated glazing and guarantees that each piece of fire-rated glass is properly labeled and ready for inspection by the building code official before it leaves our dock.





The two most popular choices for clear fire-rated glass ceramics are SCHOTT PYRAN® Platinum and FireLite®.

These products are very similar in function and fire-rating and can often be used interchangeably (check with us first).


But there are differences in their production, appearance and cost.


  • PYRAN® Platinum has a high surface and optical quality without the need for grinding and polishing.

    PYRAN® Platinum is produced on a new state-of-the-art production line, while FireLite® has been in production for more than 20 years. PYRAN® Platinum gets several benefits from this new production technology.

    PYRAN® Platinum is produced using a new high technology micro-float production line that innately gives the glass a smooth surface, resulting in high optical quality at low cost. FireLite® Standard is a rolled product with a rougher surface and has some optical distortion. FireLite® Premium comes with a ‘premium’ price because the optical distortion has been rectified by additional mechanical grinding and polishing.


  • PYRAN® Platinum does not have the yellow-brown appearance that FireLite® has.

    Some architects and glass contractors prefer PYRAN® Platinum because it does not have the yellow-brown tint that FireLite® does. Without that yellow-brown tint, PYRAN® Platinum blends in well with any non-fire-rated glazing in the area and gives architects confidence that when people look through the lite they will see objects in true color. This is called true color rendition and is an exclusive feature of PYRAN® Platinum.


  • PYRAN® Platinum can be used in some applications where FireLite® is not approved.

    Functionally, PYRAN® Platinum and FireLite® both cover a wide range of applications (and both are UL classified). But there are a few applications where FireLite® cannot be used, while PYRAN®Platinum can (see table below for some examples). Glassopolis will make sure that every lite you buy is allowable under that product's listing.


    Application PYRAN® Platinum FireLite®
    Door, 45 min, 36x60 allowed allowed
    Window, 45 min, 42x66 allowed allowed
    Door, 90 min, 18x57  allowed  NOT allowed
    Door, 90 min, 36x75  allowed  NOT allowed
    Window, 90 min, 12x18  allowed  allowed
    Window, 90 min, 18x57  allowed  NOT allowed
    Window, 90 min,42x75  allowed  NOT allowed
    Door, 180 min, 12x12  allowed  allowed


  • PYRAN® Platinum is environmentally friendly.

    PYRAN® Platinum is the only fire-rated glass-ceramic made without the use of hazardous heavy metals. For many customers, this is a key reason alone to specify PYRAN® Platinum fire-rated glazing. Also, because PYRAN® Platinum has an inherent high optical quality, it does not require grinding, avoiding the additional energy use and waste associated with brands requiring ‘polishing’.


  • PYRAN® Platinum typically costs less.

    Call Glassopolis today for a quote on PYRAN® Platinum and see how cost effective gorgeous looking PYRAN® Platinum from Glassopolis can be on your fire-rated project.

PYRAN® Platinum has it all. It's modern high-tech clean production process leads to high quality, good finish, appealing color and a great value.




Glassopolis is the glass contractors choice supplier for fire-rated glazing. We give you choices and will recommend the best option for your application. Glassopolis ensures that all glass shipped is fully tested and certified to North American standards and that each lite is allowable and properly labeled and ready for inspection.


At Glassopolis, we work for you.


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®PYRAN is a registered trademark of SCHOTT AG. FireLite is a registered trademark of Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd.