Switchable Privacy Glass is a smart glass that uses LCD technology on a big architectural scale. Not only can Glassopolis supply some of the biggest panels available at the highest quality, it can do so with fast lead times that come from domestic production. The product is entirely made right here in North America for a quality and life span you can count on from a supplier you can trust. We offer the longest warranty in the business and we can back it up with our 100 year reputation for service in the glass industry. If you want the same quality and durability that the US military buys, come see Glassopolis.






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Switchable Privacy Glass is ideal for hospitals because its easy to keep clean. 


Switchable Privacy Glass is a smart glass that consists of LCD display technology laminated between glass sheets. The LCD is controllable ON/OFF to switch the glass from CLEAR/FROSTED. In this way you can have beautiful clear architectural glass that is strong and impact safe, but at the flick of a switch it can turn frosted so that you cannot see through it. This is Switchable Privacy Glass from Glassopolis.


  • Custom made to your requirements
  • Large sizes available, up to 60"x120" (contact us if you need bigger)
  • Laminated glass is impact-safe to ANSI Z97.1 and CPSC 16CFR1201 CAT II standards
  • Comes with 110V power supplies
  • Switchable Privacy Glass eliminates need for expensive and hard-to-clean curtains and drapes
  • Glass is an extremely sanitary surface, perfect for hospital use
  • UV stable. Can be used in exterior applications
  • Industry leading multi-year warranty
  • Made in North America


  • Tempered laminated is available
  • Low-iron glass is available
  • Can be laminated with other glass, such as Lead X-Ray glass, perfect for hospitals
  • Many wiring options available



Through the implementation of our innovative Switchable Privacy Glass technology, you will view the aesthetics of your entire renovated lighting area in a completely new light! At the flip of an electrical switch, this product becomes transparent from a cloudy-white translucent state. The Switchable Privacy Glass provides creative design for architects, along with other technical applications.


  • Bathrooms/Shower enclosures
  • Clinics
  • Conference rooms
  • Hospital (nurseries, emergency rooms, ICUs, operation rooms)
  • Hurricane resistant windows
  • Optical shutters
  • Projection displays (rear projection only)
  • Residential enclosures
  • Security windows
  • Skylights
  • Combined with other materials, such as Lead X-Ray glass: perfect for hospitals
  • Many wiring options available




Our Switchable Privacy Glass is made from the highest grade materials and represents the state-of-the-art. That said there are some best practices used by architects and designers in using this kind of material. First, the glass is designed to be used as a privacy screen that can be cleared on demand. It is not meant to be a regular window that is kept clear all the time. Buy this product only if you need its privacy functions. Second, the product is best situated where occupants can look through the glass perpendicular to the glass surface. The glass is clearest on-axis and highly off-axis applications are discouraged. Third, ambient lighting conditions are imrportant. Because the product is made from laminated glass the surfaces are somewhat reflective. Do not use the product in situations with backlighting or direct overhead lighting as the reflections might be bothersome. In short, this product is best of breed, but it should be usedonly where it is needed in locations designed for it. Call for additional information on how to best implement your vision for Switchable Privacy Glass.