Glassopolis offers a wide range of bullet and blast security glazing options.

Glassopolis serves the needs of glazing contractors that want to provide their clients with the best security and privacy options available. Need switchable privacy glass? No problem. Need bullet or blast resistant glass? No problem. Need fire-rated glass? No problem. Need a customized combination of the above - call us! We can deliver exactly what you need.



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Glassopolis’ security division specializes in the combination of various materials to produce glass panels with enhanced security and privacy properties. We can add impact safety and security features to fire-rated glass. We can add sound control to lead x-ray glass. We can make electrical switchable privacy glass. We can produce almost anything you need. Tell us about your application and what properties you need and we will try to produce it for you.


Glassopolis offers laminated glass, hurricane glass, security glass, detention glass, mental health institution glass, forced entry glass, bullet resistant glass, blast resistant glass. For these applications see the Security Glass data sheet. See tables below for National Institute of Justice NIJ 0108.1 Ballistic Resistance Test Ratings and UL 752 Bullet Resisting Equipment - Ballistic Test Levels that are available.


Glassopolis offers special combinations of both UL Certified fire-rated glass with UL Certified Security glass. Some key products include:


  • FIRESWISS SECURITY offers the full UL Certified fire-ratings of FIRESWISS with almost unlimited security protection from Glassopolis SECURITY glass.
  • LAM20 for school doors offers 20 minute fire-rating with forced entry protection
  • Protect3 Safety Glass offers affordable fire-ratings with impact-safety and forced entry protection


Glassopolis offers PDLC Switchable Privacy Glass that switches glass panels from clear to obscured with the flick of a switch. This privacy feature is often used to enhance security and privacy in combination with other protective glasses. For examples, schools may chose to use switchable privacy glass on classroom doors to provide additional security in the event of a lockdown - it keeps the intruder from looking into locked classrooms to see who is there. There are numerous other uses for this kind of material. Call us with your application demands.

National institute of Justice (NIJ 0108.01) Ballistic Resistance Test Ratings

UL 752 Bullet Resisting Equipment - Ballistic Test Levels