At Glassopolis, our job is to help glass contractors win specialty glass projects. We have been supplying fireplace and woodstove manufacturers with OEM glass parts for more than 20 years. Whether you are looking for replacement glass or are working on custom hearth projects, we will help you get the right glass for the job.

 Glassopolis carries both ROBAX and NEOCERAM glass-ceramic for high temperature applications like



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ROBAX® Description

ROBAX® is a transparent glass-ceramic with a very low thermal expansion. ROBAX® can be produced in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Due to its extremely low thermal expansion, ROBAX® is particularly suited for use as thermal window in room heating devices (stoves and fireplace inserts). ROBAX® is available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be decorated and fabricated.


  • Vision panels for fireplaces and stoves
  • Cover panels for heating radiators
  • Cover panels for reflectors and high performance floodlights
  • Cover panels in IR drying appliances



ROBAX® for fireplace is available to you in sheet or in cut-to-size pieces. Larger glass shops and fireplace dealers buy sheets or cases to keep on hand to fill customer requests for fireplace replacement glass. This glass is easily hand cuttable with common glass tools. Others will order cut-to-size from us as needed for their customers. To get a quote and order, please fill in the online quote form for ROBAX® here. Get a Quote


Stock sheets, 5 mm thick (and 3 and 4 mm by special order), are available in 2 sizes:

  • Standard: Minimum usable area 1,580 mm x 840 mm (~62.2 inches x 33 inches)
  • Jumbo formats: Minimum usable area 1,954 mm x 1,100 mm ~76.9 inches x 43.3 inches)


Glassopolis can decorate cut-to-size panels with borders and logos using high temperature paint or decals in several colours. A variety of edge treatments are also available, including beveling and mitering. Etching and sandblasting treatments are also available. Cut-to-size panels of any size and shape are available. See images below for various shapes that are available.



Special coatings and surface treatments are also available.


ROBAX® IR is coated with an infra-red rejecting surface that bounces heat back into the fireplace. Depending on how its used, ROBAX® IR:

  • Helps retain heat in the firebox
  • Can improve combustion efficiency
  • Can lower EPA emissions
  • Can raise the temperature of the glass to keep it cleaner
  • Can reduce the radiant heat transfer to keep living room more comfortable


ROBAX® is also available with an anti-reflective (AR) coating. ROBAX® AR reduces the glare from room lights that can obscure the view of the flames.


ROBAX® Mirror is available. It is used like a one-way mirror: when the fireplace is on, you can see through it to watch the flames, and when the fireplace is off, it looks more like a mirror to provide a pleasing look and obscure fireplace hardware.



ROBAX® is also available in semi opaque colors, like black, white, grey and cream. These can be used as attractive high temperature materials in the firebox, stove or BBQ. They have been used as covers for BBQ side burners. New coatings, colors and applications are always emerging. Call us for the latest advances.