Fire-Rated Decorative Options


Fire-Rated Decorative Options





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Glassopolis is your best source for UL Labeled Fire-Rated Glass


We’ve been distributing clear fire-rated glazing products in North America for more than 30 years, and have become one of the largest distributors of transparent glass-ceramics in the world.


We know fire-rated glazing and will help you get the right glass for the job. Many specifications will call for a particular glass brand name; don’t feel locked into a certain brand as there are several equivalent products that meet the same building code requirements.


Most glass contractors and builders appreciate having a choice. Glassopolis works for you to provide you with these options. Glassopolis carries only fire-rated products that are fully tested to the North American standards.


Glassopolis is a UL certified cutting and labeling station. We guarantee that each piece of fire-rated glass is properly labeled and ready for inspection by the building code official before it leaves our dock.


Our Fire-Rated products include:


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