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Standard sizes for anti-reflective glass are always available and now super jumbo oversize anti-reflective glass is also available from Glassopolis. Sizes up to 10'x20' are possible. Contact Glassopolis at 1-800-262-9600 to discuss your project today! We can do it.


ANTI-REFLECTIVE glass is coated on the outer surfaces with a thin coating that helps light pass through the glass and not get reflected away from it. Regular uncoated glass transmits about 91% of the light through it, with about 8% of the light reflecting back (the rest is absorbed). Coating the outer surfaces of the glass can reduce the amount of light reflected from 8% to 1 or 2%. This is a noticeable improvement in two ways. First, there is less glare or reflection off the glass, allowing you to look through the glass easier. Second, light actually goes through the glass,making everything look brighter.


The benefits of Anti-Reflective glass
  • makes the glass dissappear or become invisible.
  • increases the amount of light passing through
  • increases the visiblity of whatever is behind the glass.

Some key applications for Anti-Reflective glass include
  • Storefronts, restaurants, display cases and other places where the customer wants their products as visible as possible
  • Thin versions are used in picture frames and as protective covers for art
  • spectator venues like stadiums and arenas where customer sightlines of the event pass through glass railings, walls or windows.
  • Security applications where visibility is key - Anti-reflective glass scan dramatically reduce glare
  • enhances the use of low-iron white glass in any application
  • enhances color rendering through the glass

Delivery and lead time

The glass is generally tempered and or laminated after it is coated with the anti-reflective coating, and this processing requires special quality control to preserve the quality of the coating, therefore lead times for most applications of anti-reflective glass are 3-5 weeks. Call us for details on your specific application. 

Featured product: Amiran


Whenever the lighting levels in front of and behind ordinary glass differ considerably, it is usually very difficult to see what is outside while standing inside, due to the reflections. AMIRAN® is an optical interference anti-reflective glass that has been dip-coated on both sides. Thin layers are applied to the glass, using the sol-gel coating technique. The mainly metal oxidic layers are hard, extremely scratch-resistant and offer high chemical resistance. The coating reduces residual reflections to approximately 1% yet, at the same time, increases the light transmittance to as high as 98%.


  • dramatic reduction in reflections
  • Increased transmission
  • extremely durable coating
  • due to the weather-resistant coating, also well-suited for outdoor applications
  • colors are displayed authentically
  • easier to clean than glass with an anti-reflective coating that was applied using other technologies
  • 99% UV protection with the laminated version that features a PVB foil


AMIRAN® can be cleaned like ordinary float glass using appropriate techniques. Even stubborn stains can be removed using suitable non-abrasive cleaners. Please refer to AMIRAN® Handling Instructions No. 2002 and hand out cleaning Instructions No. 2001 to the building or shop owners.



It is recommended that AMIRAN® be protected by a protective film at the building site or only be installed once construction work has been completed, in order to avoid damage by other work being done, plastering, for example. Concrete and brick facades should be designedin such a way that plaster, mortar or concrete that leaches out of the facade with rain water does not wash over the glass. No firmly bonded adhesive stickers or decorative film should be applied to AMIRAN®. Damage can occur when these are removed later.


Glass type

Base glasses may be:

  • clear float glass
  • white glass (especially low on iron oxide, very clear float glass)
  • tinted float glass
  • fire protection glass PYRAN® S
  • other glasses upon request

With laminated glass and float glass with a low-E coating, only the side that will face the outdoors later is coated.

Processing options

Like conventional glass, AMIRAN® can be processed (by qualified processing companies) into:

  • toughened safety glass
  • semi-tempered glass
  • laminated safety glass (LSG)
  • insulation glass, alternatively with heat and/or solar protection
  • bent glass (not tempered, as toughened safety glass* or as LSG*)
  • screen printed glass
  • sound insulation glass
  • security alarm glass
  • special safety glass for protection from assault, for example

Furthermore, many different processing techniques, including drilling or edge processing, are possible.